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Title David Thompson letter to Anthony Barclay
Date March 17, 1823
Description 1 letter; 4 sides
People Thompson, David, 1770-1857
Search Terms International Boundary Commission
Treaty of Ghent
Scope & Content
Dear Sir
We have finished a map of the
Countries interior of Lake Superior, by way of the
Great Carrying Place, as far as Lake Kaseiganagah
on the scale of 30 Inches to one degree of Longitude. –
However large this scale, it appears to me too small
to enable us to exhibit the water Communication in
that clear manner it ought to be. -Two more fair
Copies will be directly made; and we wait your ap-
probation of the map sent, and shall lay it down
on any Scale you think proper. If the whole of
the interior Country, from Lake Superior to the north
west corner of the Lake of the Woods, is to be considered
as one map on the scale of 30 Inches to one degree of
Longitude (or 3/4 Inch to one geo mile) this map will
be 7 feet in height by 14 feet in width; and to render
it easy of inspection, it may be divided into 4 sections
each 3 1/2 feet by 7 feet.I hope to finish
the original fair map of Lake Superior, and the
interior Country, by the beginning of April; on
the Scale of 6 inches to one degree of Longitude, giving
it all the advantages of my former Surveys.
My Evenings are employed in forming an Estimate
and Plan of the intended operations of the ensuing
Summer, to be laid before Mr Hale for his approval
as the Season is fast advancing. -I should have
been happy to have received your Orders for the Survey,
as they would have given decisions to the Business
The Plan proposed for the ensuing Summer,
end p1
begin p2
is, by every means to arrive as early as possible at For Wil-
-liam, then fit myself out with two middle sized Canoes
each manned with four Men; One Canoe to be for the
Assistant and an indian Guide; the other for the In-
terpreter and myself. On arriving in the various
Lakes, each Canoe to take one side of the Lake until
we meet, and thus procees onwards with all possible
dispatch to the north west corner of the Lake of the
Woods; settle its Latitude and Longitude; and re-
-turn among the Islands, noting their position, ex-
-tent &c &c. and thus execute as much as possible,
so as to permit us to be again on Lake Superior by
the 1st September.And I should hope (no Accidents
happening) we shall survey all the distant Coun-
-tries, and leave but little for the ensuing year; pro-
-vided we have not to examine the Services of the
River St Louis &c &cThis Plan also gives us the
advantage of carrying Provisions enough with us
in those desolate countries, without the enormous
expence of freight from the Hudsons Bay Company,
to which we shall be obliged to have [resourse?] if we have
only one canoe, besides the extreme danger of Accident
to which one Canoe is liable.
Your favor of the 27th Janäry Savannah
came to hand about a week ago; and am sorry to
learn by it, you had not received either of the two setts
of Receipts for the 5th January. - One sett I places in
Colonel Barclay’s hands on the 7 December: the other
sett I sent to Mr Hale in December to be forwarded to
you.In my Letter of the 6th Febry I inclosed a sett
of Receipts for the 5th April: and in my Letter of the 3rd
end p2
begin p3
March a second sett for the same date. - My next
Letter, please God, will be in the beginning of April.
Your most obedient
and humble Servant
David Thompson

Anthony Barclay Esq
H. M. Commissioner &c &c
end p3
begin p4
Mr. Thompson
Dated, March 17, 1823
Rec.d June 7, 1823
Answer not required –

forwarded by Your obd Servs
J Y. & P R

Rec.d January. 1823.[?] to the Lines
Anthony Barclay Esquire
His Majesty Commissioner
under the 6 & 7 Articles
of the Treaty of Ghent
New York
Care of Col Barclay.

D.J. at Kingston U. C. 13 May 23

Admin/Biographical History This compiled collection includes papers from Thomas Barclay (1753-1830), his son, Anthony Barclay (1792-1877), John Ogilvy (d. 1819), Ward Chipman (1754-1824), Ward Chipman, [Jr.] (1787-1851), David Thompson (1770-1857), Alexander Wadsworth Longfellow (1814-1901) and others related to the determination of the boundary between Canada and the United States. Materials include government documents, correspondence, maps, surveys, diaries and Indian deeds related to the determination of the boundary between Canada and the United States, particularly of the years of the St. Croix Commission, 1796-1812, the Commissions appointed after the Treaty of Ghent, 1814-1838, and the Commissions under the Treaty of Washington, 1842. Papers of diplomats appointed by the British and American governments include the correspondence of explorers who surveyed the boundary zones and of several other diplomats, political officers and aids who became involved in the arbitration of the border. The explorations around the Island of St. Croix by Robert Pagan and Native American Francis Joseph Neptune, and a map by Chief Wasp of the Ojibway tribe in the vicinity of Ontario and Minnesota are noteworthy.